WRA Legislative Alert: Gov. Walker’s Proposal to Eliminate the Forestry Tax

 March 08, 2017

The proposed 2017-19 state budget would end the state portion of the property tax levy, thereby permanently lowering property taxes by approximately $90 million per year. The state forestry tax, which increases each time a property's value increases, would no longer be imposed on Wisconsin property owners.

What's in play

Proposal: The WRA supports the elimination of the state forestry property tax and will work with the legislature to see this proposal signed into law with the passage of the state budget later this year.


  • The governor's budget removes funding for the state forestry program from the property tax and replaces it with general purpose revenues in the amount of $180 million over two years to ensure continued funding for the important forestry program.
  • The new funding will protect state payments to the forestry account in the conservation fund.
  • Ending the state-levied property tax will save the median value homeowner approximately $27 per year today and more in the future as home values increase. 

Bill status


The WRA engages in advocacy on behalf of REALTORS® and property owners through a variety of programs including the REALTORS® Political Action Committee and the Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance.

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