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 Emily Zampardi  |    March 21, 2017
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If you've ever felt like your smartphone is actually part of your hand, then you might be a REALTOR®. So much business is conducted on our phones these days, and being away from it for even a few minutes can be disorienting. And with phones getting larger in size and more difficult to hold onto, carrying it around and using it one-handed can sometimes be a challenge.

The award-winning Loopy Case for smartphones was created to make being physically "connected" to your phone easier. It's unique, sleek design includes a detachable silicone strap that forms a "loop" on the back of the case, allowing the user to slide his or her finger through it for a better, more secure grip.

Loopy Case creators boast the following as its best features:

  • StoptheDrop: This is literally the company's trademarked catch phrase, highlighting the fact that it is nearly impossible to drop your smartphone while using the Loopy strap.
  • Reach/one-handed use: Using your phone one-handed has never been easier. The secure grip of the Loopy strap allows your thumb to tap, swipe and type anywhere on your phone without difficulty or fear of slippage.
  • Multi-grasp: Ever have trouble carrying multiple items because one hand was busy holding your phone? Not anymore. With Loopy's easy-to-grab strap, you can simply slide it around one finger and the rest of your hand is free to carry whatever you need! And the best part is — you won't drop your phone in the process.
  • Photography: One of the side effects of phones getting bigger and harder to hold is that it can be difficult to capture the perfect shot or angle with your phone's camera, especially if you are in motion. Loopy's secure grip holds steady for the perfect shot, every time.
  • Pocket-friendly: The Loopy strap folds flat so it can easily fit wherever your phone goes — even in your pocket.
  • Secure: The Loopy strap can withstand at least 10 pounds of "tug," so no worries it will snap on you.
  • Kickstand: Another convenient use for the Loopy strap is to prop your phone up at an angle for better viewing.
  • Interchangeable: For less than $5, you can purchase a loop pack that contains three different colored loops. The loops are easy to switch out for a fresh new look.

The Loopy strap is available for iPhone 6 and up as well as Samsung phones. Prices start at $35 for one loop, and shipping is free for orders over $40. Learn more at www.loopycases.com.

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