Member Benefits: The Tax Man Cometh. Are You Ready?

 March 15, 2021
Member Benefits

Tax season is approaching quickly, so it’s time to gather your receipts and the necessary paperwork. And using an expense-tracking app makes your life less stressful when it comes time to file.

The expense tracking app from Taxbot includes the following features that you are eligible to receive as a WRA member:

Mileage tracking: Track your mileage with the Taxbot-integrated GPS system on your smartphone. No more mileage logs or clipboards!

Photo receipts: Take pictures of your receipts using your smartphone. Taxbot also requests the appropriate information for your expenses so you can be tax-compliant for all your business deductions.

Cloud storage: All your records, including receipts, are stored in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about shoeboxes of receipts anymore.

Bank/credit card integration: Taxbot will search for deductions you might be missing.

Training library: You’ll receive access to the Taxbot training library with short videos that can teach you strategies for lowering your taxes by thousands of dollars a year.

Check your inbox for the WRA Education Update email, which will highlight information about upcoming Taxbot webinars on advice and tips to help you get the most out of your potential refund. View complete details about Taxbot at

This is a contributing article from Taxbot, a WRA partner.

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