Blink Home Security Camera System

 Emily Zampardi  |    May 05, 2017
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Do you have a client who is considering purchasing a home that has increased security risks (e.g., located in a secluded area or in a neighborhood with high crime rates)? Or maybe you have a vacant listing that you are worried about protecting from unwanted "voyeurs." Home security is becoming more common place, even in neighborhoods known for their reputation for safety.

Blink Home Security offers a very affordable interior motion-sensor camera system that is easy to install in any home. The tiny, sleek battery-operated cameras are totally wireless, allowing them to be placed or installed anywhere without detracting from the home's decor.

Built-in motion detectors sense any movement in the home and instantly begin recording HD video. An automatic alert is also sent to your iOS or Android device with a link to view the video footage. You can also keep an eye on your home from anywhere by viewing a live on-demand video stream through the Blink app anytime. Up to two hours of cloud storage for your video clips is included.

Blink's system uses your home's Wi-fi, and is designed so that you can easily add more cameras at any time. Packages are available in kits, and prices vary:

  • 1-Camera Kit: $99
  • 2-Camera Kit: $169
  • 3-Camera Kit: $229
  • 5-Camera Kit: $349
  • Additional Camera: $75

Visit for more information about Blink's interior home security camera system. Blink also offers exterior security systems as well.

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