Obtain Property History Data with HomeTrackr.com

 Emily Zampardi  |    May 17, 2017

When helping a buyer find the right home, a property's history and condition are crucial considerations when determining fair market value as well as whether or not your client is even interested in making an offer. Professional property inspections can reveal a great deal about a property's condition but are typically not conducted until after an offer has been accepted. And even the most thorough inspections may not expose past damage caused by fire, water or pests. Most buyers and REALTORS¬ģ¬†rely on the seller's word in property disclosure documents when it comes to these types of issues. But now there is another option for learning more about a property's history prior to making an offer.

HomeTrackr.com is an online tool that provides a free, instant property report to help you and your clients make the most informed decision possible. Reports contain data and analytics regarding:

  • Any building permits obtained for the property.
  • City/county permit inspections conducted on the property.
  • Alerts about property damage from fire, water, pests or other natural sources.¬†
  • Contractors who worked on the home, including any available contact information.
  • Any property value improvements made to the home.
  • Property details, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and date built.

All of the information contained in the reports are accessible through public records searches, but HomeTrackr.com can save you time and hassle by gathering and presenting all of the available information in one place. While not intended to replace more thorough tools like home inspections, the reports provided by HomeTrackr.com can provide some peace of mind to clients, or save them a lot of time and disappointment, when they are deciding whether or not to make an offer on a property. The site will even recommend a qualified home inspector in your area to look further into any issues uncovered.

Note: HomeTrackr.com claims that its data sources cover an estimated 85 percent of existing homes in the U.S., so not every property will be included in the coverage area.

To learn more, visit HomeTrackr.com.

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