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Wading through phone bill terror

 May 09, 2017

Imagine one day you see your phone bill and discover you are now paying as much as $100 for a plain old telephone line. As many WRA members are finding out, this is exactly what’s happening, and it’s happening to businesses without notice. Why is such an outdated service so expensive in 2017? It’s frustrating and hurts your bottom line, but what can be done to get away from this expensive plan?

A lot has changed in phone service in the past several years, and the incumbent phone companies like AT&T, Centurylink and others no longer want to sell their old technology, so when a contract term expires, these companies will double and even triple the price of those old lines.

For many customers, the solution is a transition to an IP-based phone system that relies on the internet to connect to the phone network, saving on phone line costs while at the same time providing advanced features previously only available with expensive, high-end phone systems.

Customers who have established offices that require land lines for security alarms or other purposes will find that companies that buy phone lines in bulk can significantly reduce the cost of keeping that same old phone line that has become so expensive. 

AMI Communications, the WRA’s telecommunications solution partner, is in the business of providing comprehensive telecommunications services. There are a lot of options for businesses, and AMI can work with you to find the best option to suit your needs. The time to research and find new solutions is before your contract expires and you receive a surprise bill with a price increase. If you have questions on any voice, video or internet services, contact AMI at 1-844-972-2363.

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