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 Emily Zampardi  |    May 15, 2018

Open house fliers, listing brochures, logos, print and online advertising, webpages ... the list of ways to visually promote your real estate business and services goes on and on. There are number of free apps and online tools available that can help someone with little to no artistic experience create eye-catching, professional-looking designs. But it can still be a very time-consuming, aggravating process, especially in an industry where time is money and your time is usually better spent dealing with clients.

Hiring an assistant with design experience is one way to go, but design needs often ebb and flow and, depending on what you're looking for, it may be difficult to find a candidate with the right level of expertise. When working with local graphic designers, your choices are limited, and rates are often high.

A global online community of professional designers — 99designs — makes it easy to hire the right graphic designer for your project(s). You start the process by submitting a short and simple "brief" including details about your project scope. Based on your needs, you will be given a list of recommended designers with specific skill sets and various levels of expertise. After reviewing their portfolios, you can request quotes for your project and select the designer you feel is the best fit.

If you are uncertain about the overall design concept for your project, you can activate a "design contest" by offering a prize for which a number of designers will compete by submitting their vision for your project. The winner receives a prize reward as well as your business.

Once you've selected a designer to work with, 99designs provides a user-friendly system to collaborate and communicate back and forth about your project until you get the results you want. You can work with a particular designer for one project or continue to work together regularly moving forward.

Thousands of professional graphic designers from all over the world are waiting to compete for your business. The cost for these services varies, depending on the project size and designer expertise, but there is flexible pricing to work with almost any size budget. Learn more by visiting

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