Product Showcase: New Digital Magazine Now Available

 Lauren Bizorik  |    November 08, 2013

Not everyone has the time to sit down and read through the hard copy of Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine. Maybe you like browsing for articles on the WRA website. Or maybe you want to flip through the magazine on your smartphone. We know you want different options, and we want to make each easy and accessible for you.

And voila! We‚Äôve upgraded the digital version of the magazine with a new format with new features ‚ÄĒ all designed for better and easier access for readers like you.

You may recall that we utilized the page-flipping website for the previous digital version of the magazine. You may remember the unfriendly user interface. You may remember that the scrolling behaviors, or the website’s behavior when you zoomed in and out, acted erratic.

Well, maybe you don‚Äôt remember. Magazine survey results repeatedly revealed that you ranked the Issuu version of the magazine as ‚Äúnot useful‚ÄĚ. We listened to your feedback and made the change.

See the new digital edition! Click here. Download Icon Red  

Features made for you

The new digital version of the magazine is easy to use, simple and smart. It caters to each and every one of you as readers, based on your preferences with viewing pages.

Page thumbnails: If you‚Äôre someone who simply wants to flip to a specific page ‚ÄĒ say the monthly housing stat report that always features a gray box with statistics ‚ÄĒ you can do exactly that by quickly glancing at the ‚ÄúThumbnail Pages‚ÄĚ tab to view the thumbnails of the pages in each issue. The gray housing stat box is easy to spot, and you can then navigate directly to that page.¬†

Table of contents listing: Are you in a rush, and you‚Äôre interested in viewing only a specific section? By clicking on the ‚ÄúContents‚ÄĚ tab, you‚Äôll see a dropdown menu of the article titles for that particular issue. That way, ‚ÄúWRA Education and Events‚ÄĚ is easy to find if you‚Äôre interested in only seeing the CE courses nearest you.Similarly, are you a ‚ÄúBest of the Legal Hotline‚ÄĚ reader? Using that ‚ÄúContents‚ÄĚ tab, you‚Äôll be able to immediately jump to your favorite hotline article quickly and easily.

Search ability: Maybe you‚Äôre experiencing a quibble with a buyer at the moment. Curious to see what a single magazine issue says about the word ‚Äúbuyers‚ÄĚ? Perform a universal search of that issue by using the ‚ÄúSearch‚ÄĚ tab in which you can uniquely search by any or all words you enter in the search box as well as an exact phrase.

Smart browsing: We didn‚Äôt leave out those readers who like to flip through and browse every page! This functionality still exists in the new digital magazine ‚ÄĒ but it‚Äôs now smarter and more efficient. When flipping through each page, you can choose how you want to view the pages: by single pages and by page spreads, with both available in regular or full-screen mode.¬†

Do you see a photo or short description on the table of contents page that sounds interesting? Click on it to go directly to its accompanying article. 

Who knew that Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine could be so intelligent?! Feel free to send me an email at to provide feedback about the new digital magazine.

Choose your magazine delivery

Did you know that you can customize your reading format of Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine? The process is easy:
1. Log in to your WRA preferences at
2. Click on ‚ÄúmyProfile‚ÄĚ in the left column.
3. Click ‚ÄúEdit‚ÄĚ for ‚ÄúWisconsin Real Estate Magazine Delivery Preferences‚ÄĚ on your myProfile page.
Choose between ‚Äúprint magazine‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúemail.‚ÄĚ The ‚Äúemail‚ÄĚ option is a single email that alerts you when the articles are on the WRA website and when the digital edition is live.
4. Choose your desired option(s)!

Lauren Bizorik is Editor for the WRA and of Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine and is responsible for developing and conducting the annual reader survey and the subsequent planning of editorial content. 

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