Top 10 Apps for REALTORS®

 Kim Salmons  |    December 04, 2014

Think mobile apps are just for fun and for watching cat videos? Think again. Imagine these scenarios: You can't recall your Amazon password, but you're shopping online for a closing gift. You want to stay on top of a checklist for your client's transaction. Worse yet, you're locked out of a listing! Apps can come to the rescue in all of these situations and many more. We've compiled a list of the 10 most useful apps for REALTORS® today. 


This application continues to be at the top of the list for “must have” apps for real estate agents. Frankly, Dropbox should be a “must have” for everyone! With Dropbox, you can store files in the cloud, which makes them accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection and on any device. Dropbox can be used to transfer large files, such as listing videos or photos, to yourself on a different device, or you can send the files to a client with a unique Dropbox link even if the party doesn't have a Dropbox account. 

System requirements: iOS, Android and more.


With KeyMe, you’re able to take a picture of a key, and based on that image, you can order duplicate keys via mail. Locked out and can’t wait for a mail order? Most locksmiths can make a physical key from scratch by following the instructions and design specifics in your KeyMe app. 

Also, you can visit a KeyMe kiosk for a key. By logging in to your digital keychain at a kiosk, the kiosk’s virtual locksmith can create and print a new key in 30 seconds. His name is Larry, by the way. 

System requirements: iOS.

Google Maps

The GPS devices popular five years ago are already a thing of the past. You don’t need a separate GPS device to lug around when you can use your smartphone or tablet for navigation and directions. Whether traveling local from house to house with a client, or if you’re in a new area on a trip, Google Maps comes in handy to offer navigation or maps wherever you may be. You can also ask the app questions like “where is the closest grocery store?” by taking advantage of the feature to search nearby for answers to your questions.

System requirements: iOS, Android and more.


KQo-3oyB>VXG^-6. That’s a strong password! But how could you remember that?

The slogan for LastPass isn’t just catchy — “The Last Password You’ll Have to Remember” — it’s true. LastPass will store your passwords for the websites you typically visit, and it also can generate new random passwords for new websites when you sign up for new accounts. Employing advanced encryption technology, LastPass data are strongly secure and are never shared with LastPass; your information is accessible only by you. 

LastPass can be helpful for any REALTOR® — both professionally and personally. Brokers, owners, managers and team leaders specifically can benefit from LastPass Enterprise by using it as a single-source password management solution for multiple employees.

System requirements: iOS, Android and more.


Yes, Evernote is one of the featured apps again. What can't you keep track of in Evernote? Evernote can help you with notes, organization, receipt tracking, Web clippings, client communications, checklists and more! You can have your files accessible on your computer or available online. 

System requirements: iOS, Android and more.


Snapseed is a favorite photo-editing app on the go. Snapseed allows for simple editing options, such as brightness and contrast, to extensive editing with focal and gesture-driven tools, such as tilt-shift photography. You can send your revised and edited photos to your iPhone library, Facebook or Twitter as well as email. 

System requirements: iOS and Android.


The app If This Then That allows you to create a command with a two-step trigger/action feature, known as a “recipe.” By creating IFTTT recipes, you’re able control IFTTT to perform various automatic functions for you. Some recipe examples include: 

  • If I post a photo to Instagram / Then save that photo to my Dropbox account.
  • If I add a note in my “buyer” notebook on Evernote / Then add it to my “buyer” folder in Dropbox.
  • If the weather is sunny / Then post the tweet, “Happy to see the sun.” 
  • If the date is May 9 / Then post to my daughter's Facebook wall, “Happy Birthday, Love Mom.” 

Did you just envision your amount of free time greatly expand?! Creating recipes within IFTTT can save you a great deal of Internet time since your various website visits are no longer necessary and instead become automatic. 

System requirements: iOS, Android and more.


The Amazon app allows you to search, find and purchase items from the Amazon store quickly and efficiently. Amazon offers a diverse catalog of products and comes in handy to order anything from office supplies to client appreciation gifts. With a paid Amazon Prime Membership, you can receive many items in two days. 

System requirements: iOS, Android and more.


If you’re an Android user and you enjoy customizing your phone, Aviate provides a Home Screen organization that has been a favorite for a few years now. Aviate provides spaces for widgets like photos on different screens, grouping applications in collections for easy access, and providing news headlines, weather and your calendar together.

You’re able to categorize your existing apps — such as Yelp, Savoured and OpenTable in a “restaurant” category. In addition to these manual functions, you can also let Aviate figure you out! The app can determine custom-built interfaces, called “spaces” based on your phone activities that can change throughout the day. For example, your “space” in the morning may automatically display alarms and your schedule for the day.

System requirements: Android.

Find my iPhone

For iOS users, this is an application you hope you don't have to use, but can help you locate your device if you misplace it or wipe it clean if you are concerned that it's in someone else's hands. This application should be one that you set up and install because if you misplace your device — it'll be too late. 

System requirements: iOS.

Kim Salmons, formerly Kim Wood, is a technology trainer, coach and speaker with The Tech Byte and a previous full-time REALTOR® in Chester County, Pa. Kim regularly writes about technology for real estate in the WRA's Tech Hottips blog at Learn more about Kim at

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