Choices, Choices, Choices! 2019-20 Continuing Education On Demand

 Jennifer Lindsley  |    November 09, 2020

COVID-19 has seriously limited options for licensees who prefer to take their continuing education (CE) coursework in person, leaving some to do their CE virtually or use the WRA’s On Demand CE program. For other licensees, the On Demand option is their go-to delivery method because they prefer the convenience of being able to take their CE on their schedule and complete classes at their convenience. If you have not completed your CE yet and will be doing classes On Demand, things will look a little bit different for you this biennium. In response to agent requests to have more control and customizable content, the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) approved multiple topics within each On Demand course. You pick the content that makes sense for your practice. All licensees take all six courses this biennium but can select three topics of interest within each course for a total of the required 18 hours of CE.

Shorter quizzes? Is it true?

In additional to having the freedom to select content that is relevant to your practice, the exam is broken up into three small quizzes per course. Instead of tackling one 15-question exam at the end of each course, you are now able to take a short, five-question quiz after each topic; and the questions in that quiz pertain only to that topic rather than questions from three hours of content. These smaller quizzes have been favorably received by those who have already completed their CE. Many agents report this feels more manageable and that they are retaining more by being able to focus on the quiz questions on just one topic. 

“I can read or watch the content? It is my choice?"

As an additional bonus, you can read the course outline or watch the video — or both if you’re feeling really ambitious — and proceed to the quiz. Some people prefer instruction by video, and those people are free to pop on their favorite CE instructor and let the instructor walk them through the content to the exam; whereas other agents prefer a more self-guided approach and prefer to read the outline without the video instruction. Both are options within On Demand, and you can pick the instruction method that fits your learning style the best.

What are my options?* 

Courses 1-4

Courses 1-4 each have five topics within each course, with one mandatory topic and four optional topics. All licensees will complete the mandatory topic, but after that, you are free to choose two topics from the remaining four. For example, Course 1 is titled “Wisconsin Listing Contracts.” The mandatory topic is Seller Disclosure and Defects; and the optional topics are Agency, Advertising by Licensees, Fees and Commission, and Real Property and Personal Property. If you want to brush up on agency and advertising, you’re free to pick those two optional topics and leave the other two. Similarly, if you begin an optional topic and decide to try a different one, you can do it. To complete courses 1-4, you complete the mandatory topic and its accompanying quiz as well as two more topics and their quizzes. 

For Course 2 “Wisconsin Offers to Purchase,” the mandatory topic is Inspection and Testing; and the optional topics are Special Assessments and Closing Prorations, Financing Commitment and Appraisal Contingencies, Closing of Buyer’s Property and Secondary Offer Contingencies, and Default, Earnest Money, and WB-45 Cancellation Agreement and Mutual Release. 

For Course 3 “Wisconsin New Developments,” the mandatory topic is Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Complaint and Discipline Process; and the optional topics are Wisconsin Real Estate Statutes and Administrative Code — New and Revised, Wisconsin Real Estate Case Law, Wisconsin Approved Forms — New and Revised, and Federal Legal Real Estate Issues Update. 

For Course 4 “Wisconsin Real Estate Ethics and Consumer Protection,” the mandatory topic is Misrepresentation and Concealment; and the optional topics are Fair Housing, Agent-to-Agent Relationships, Dispute Resolution and Security. 

Course 5-6

Courses 5 and 6 are where you really get to customize your education. Within these courses, there are nine topics each and no mandatory topic. You pick any three topics within each course to complete it. Is commercial more your interest? There are topics for that. Do you want to learn more about waterfront properties? That is a choice too. Time to brush up on condominiums? You have that option.

Course 5 “Wisconsin Real Estate Law and Practice” topics
  • Wisconsin Condominium Listing 
  • Commercial Commission Liens 
  • Short Sale and Foreclosure Basics
  • Avoiding Complaints and Litigation
  • Waterfront Property
  • Cooperation with Out-of-State Licensees
  • Residential Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation
  • Protecting Your Business from the Unexpected 
  • Business Organizations 
  • Understanding the Role of Wisconsin Home Inspectors 
Course 6 “Wisconsin Real Estate Transactions” topics 
  • Wisconsin Vacant Land Listing and Offer to Purchase
  • Wisconsin Condominium Offer to Purchase
  • Commercial Transaction Documents
  • Risk Management 
  • Negotiation Tools
  • Land Use and Zoning 
  • Commercial Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation 
  • Explaining Multiple Representation 
  • Delivery and Binding Acceptance 

Jennifer Lindsley is Staff Attorney and Director of Training for the WRA.

*Due to Minnesota requirements to approve Wisconsin continuing education for Minnesota credit, continuing education courses taken for dual Wisconsin/Minnesota credit do not have optional topics but rather have three pre-selected topics.

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