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 November 08, 2021
member benefits

Individual and Group Insurance Plans with Spectrum Insurance Group Inc. 

As uncertainty around the pandemic continues, healthcare has been a big concern for many Americans. It’s more important than ever to protect our health, but finding healthcare that fits into a family’s budget can be difficult. 

This is why Spectrum Insurance Group has partnered with multiple companies to offer an alternative solution to “traditional” health insurance, one that is both convenient and affordable. While certain restrictions apply, some of these alternative options include unlimited virtual visits at no cost to you.

Another feature is care navigation, which assists members in obtaining the most cost-effective care possible. There are also cost-sharing options for larger-scale medical issues. When paired together, these options can save upwards of $500 per month for family coverage compared to a traditional insurance plan purchased in the marketplace. 

These options are not just limited to individuals looking for an alternative. Similar options are available to employers looking to reduce the cost of their employee benefits by implementing an alternative coverage option. By implementing the options above on a group level, employers can help keep their healthcare costs lower while offering their team a refreshing alternative to health insurance. Spectrum also offers different funding options and approaches to traditional options that can be implemented to reduce overall employer and employee costs in most cases.

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This is a contributing article from Spectrum Insurance, a WRA partner.

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