Wisconsin REALTORS® Making a REAL Difference!

 November 08, 2021

Throughout 2021, the Wisconsin REALTORS® Foundation (WRF) has continued its partnership with Feeding Wisconsin to provide meals to children in need across our state. 

Past WRF successes this year

September was Hunger Awareness Month, so we rallied our members to join us for Hunger Action Day, dedicated to raising funds for Feeding Wisconsin to ensure kids have access to nutritious food outside of school. On September 17, we raised more than $15,000 for Feeding Wisconsin! With its buying power, Feeding Wisconsin can provide three meals to kids for every dollar donated, so in one day, REALTORS® gave over 45,000 meals! 

In October, the WRF participated in the 2021 WRA Annual Convention in Milwaukee. It was a wonderful opportunity for convention guests to meet WRF board members and learn about the foundation’s impact in communities around Wisconsin. Through our fundraising efforts at the convention, the WRF raised an additional $3,400, or 10,200 meals, for Feeding Wisconsin. 

Fall into Giving: November 15-December 3

Visit the foundation’s website at www.wra.org/wrf and social media pages @wirealtorswrf for more details about the Fall into Giving campaign taking place November 15-December 3, and to learn how you too can make a REAL difference for Wisconsin children. 

Thank you to our donors from Hunger Action Day and the 2021 convention

Lyle Albro
Gene Anderson
Nicole Annis
Leah Antoniewicz
Yareny Araoz Trejo
Tina Balaka
Dwight Basilius
Faye Becker
Steve Beers
Bill Berland
Sandy Bolgrihn
Robyn Booth
Dorann Bradford
Danielle Bradford
Troy Bretl
Deborah Brown
Michael Burns
Alice Bush
Casey Clickner
John Cook
Nicole Couillard
Jana Crandall
Angelique Cruz
Amy Curler
Tom Curtis
Ted Dentice
Susan Derby
Bonnie Dixon
Donna Dowden
David Drakulic
Larissa Duchow
Mary Duff
Sandra Ebben
Tanya Ernstmeyer
Monica Falk
John Flor
Timothy Flores
Lisa Fricke
Yolanda Frontany
Susan Fuller
Hiam Garner
Rick Geaslen
Benjamin Gentile
Anamaria Gorius
Ruth Hackney
Ginger Hainer
Jon Halverson
Suzanne Head
Scott Heyerdahl
Mary Hickey Zander
Stanley Hill
Deb Hitchcock-Gale
Joseph Horning
Jordan Hornung
Carrie Hoyer
Jim Imhoff 
Diane Jahn
Jared Jamrozy
Dena Jasinski
Lori Jensen
Dana Keegan
Kathleen Kenlay
Jamie Kennow
Kay Kesler
Kelly Killian
Bruce King
Peter Konkel
Melinda Kuglitsch
Michael Kunesh
Cori Lamont
Steven Lane
Mary Lane
Scott Lang
Ausha Larson
Stephanie Larson 
Thomas Larson
Christopher Lewandowski
Joseph Luther
Lisa Maes
Carey Maurer-Martin
Jan McGee
Dennis Midthun
Ronald Miller
Taylor Moore
Cheryl Mortvedt
Meena Mousavi
Barbara Murawski
Duane Murphy
Joe Murray
Laurie Newhouse
Anita Nielsen
Christopher Novak
Tracy Nowacki
Ellen Ostermann
Kathleen Paramore
Grace Parrish
Kim Peterson
Michael Pietrek
Susan Pisan
Kevin Porter
Torre Pustina
Dawn Quait
Adam Redman
Dirk Rigsby
Peter Rondello
Susan Rossetto
Michelle Ruebl
Tracy Sallee
Judith Schmidt Arnold
Michael Schroeder
Cynthia Seefeldt
Matthew Seegert
Michael Sewell
Janine Smith
Craig Sommerville
Lorie Spiewak
Michael Spranger
Christopher Stark
David Stark
Jill Stiegler
Dawn Stone
Janet Stroud
Wayne Stutts
Kelly Sweeney
Kim Swisher
Andrew Szymanskyj
Sally Vanderveren
Constance Verbruggen
Anne Wal
Daniel Weber
Carole Wehner
Bernie Weiss-Rhodes
Jennifer Welch
Donald White
Sheri White
CindiSue Zittlow
Patti Zurla

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