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 Emily Zampardi  |    October 11, 2017
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Every successful REALTOR¬ģ website must have landing pages designed to convert visitors into leads. These simple, uncomplicated web pages have a specific call to action for the user. Merely sending potential clients to your website home page isn't enough to ensure you are maximizing the number of leads you capture. In real estate, making the conversion from prospect to lead to client is crucial, and your website needs to be designed to make that happen.

On real estate landing pages, the call to action usually requires the viewer's contact information in exchange for some kind of real estate-related information. Here are four types of lead-capturing landing pages that will help to take your website from informative to lucrative.

  1. Coming soon: Featuring teasers about an upcoming listing, a coming soon landing page creates excitement about a listing that is about to hit the market, and the page should include a sign-up feature to receive more information once it goes live.
  2. Full detail property page: This page should exist for every single one of your listings. Most homebuyers are willing to provide their contact information in exchange for what they really want to see ‚ÄĒ property photos. Showing them a few high-quality images as a teaser to pique their interest will help to ensure they fill in the required information once asked.
  3. Home valuation: This type of landing page offers to provide a valuation of a property usually at no charge. Of course, the requestor must provide contact information in order to receive the results.
  4. Mortgage/payment calculator: This tool can provide an excellent resource for homebuyers who are trying to figure out how much they can afford. By providing the information they need, you are also helping to establish yourself as their real estate expert. Requiring them to "opt-in" by providing their contact information before seeing their results allows you the opportunity to follow up with them afterwards to answer any other questions they may have.

If your website does not already contain these landing pages, you may want to consider adding one or all of them into the mix. Having lots of hits on your website doesn't mean much unless you are getting leads.

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