Chairman's Corner: We Are the Foundations of Our Communities

Let your light shine for others

 Jean Stefaniak  |    October 08, 2018
Chairmans Corner

The WRA has a tradition of very dedicated leaders. I would like to thank the outgoing 2017-18 WRA chairman Peter Sveum for his ability to always put the needs of others first when making big decisions. Peter is thoughtful, sincere and extremely dedicated to our industry. Peter, I am forever grateful to have you as a great example and a friend. Thank you, “Mr. Chairman”!

A huge round of applause goes to 2018 convention committee chair Chanell Royston as well as the entire convention committee and the support of Kristi Mikalsen and the entire WRA staff, in making the 2018 Annual Convention last month a huge success. The convention brought in over 1,100 attendees from all over our great state of Wisconsin. 

This year, our team of dedicated WRA leaders starts with the executive committee that includes our officer team of chairman-elect Steve Beers from Lake Geneva, treasurer Mary Duff from Madison, WRA president & CEO Michael Theo, and four vice presidents Jeff Hoffman, Dan Lawler, Brad Lois and Michael Sewell. The leadership team is joined by a group of exceptionally talented REALTORS® from across the state, which makes up the board of directors. This board shares a common goal of representing the best interests of our 16,000-member family of Wisconsin REALTORS®.

Here is what we will be focusing on during the next 12 months:

  1. Continuing on our path to professionalism: We are currently working on a strategic plan, reviewing surveys and are planning focus groups.
  2. Technology: We have just begun researching possible tech advances as a member benefit for the entire state.
  3. Future leadership: We are committed to cultivating and developing the next generation of leaders. We will be researching scholarship programs for local leaders who want to attend state and national meetings.
  4. Community leader development: Communicate and develop better relationships with developers, builders, bankers, local municipalities and others so we can all work together to maintain better communities. 

Thank you to every Wisconsin REALTOR® who is willing to step up and join me and make a personal commitment to help the WRA realize these priorities over the course of the next year. Your personal involvement makes all the difference. Let’s help cultivate the leaders of the future of our great organization so we can continue to do all the amazing things we do in our local communities every single day. REALTORS® are amazing people: we are the foundations of our neighborhoods, we are a class of hard-working people who understand what’s going on in our communities, and together we are stronger. 

Be what you can truly be. Be a shining star!

Thank you,

Jean Stefaniak
2018-19 WRA Chairman of the Board 

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