5 Essential Marketing Videos

 Emily Zampardi  |    October 09, 2018
5 Essential Marketing Videos

Social media and digital marketing have made video an essential part of any agent's promotional strategy. But where to start? You don't have to jump into the deep end right away. Starting "small" with a handful of effective, high-quality videos is better than trying to cover everything all at once.

The following five video categories are an excellent place to start. Every REALTOR® should have these available on their website.

Testimonials: Video testimonials are extremely effective for convincing potential clients that you are the right REALTOR® for them. As opposed to written reviews, on-camera interviews with past clients allow viewers to see and hear the emotion as part of their message. Not everyone is comfortable speaking on-camera, but all you need is a handful of highly satisfied clients who are willing to spend a few minutes sharing their experience working with you. The production level for this type of video can vary from high-end (e.g., hiring a production crew to shoot professional footage) to very casual (e.g., capturing an impromptu interview immediately following closing). What matters most is what they have to say.

Informational: Nothing establishes your credibility as an expert in real estate like providing valuable information to your audience. Whether you're sharing local news, market updates, explanations of new tax laws, or helpful tips about buying and selling property, your clients and potential clients will appreciate the information, and associate you as the source. Weekly or monthly video blogs are a great way share this information and stay in front of your audience.

Agent/Team Profile: A standard photo and bio on your website doesn't cut it anymore. Visitors are looking for a more "personal" introduction so they can get a feel for who you are as an agent and as a person before they decide whether or not to work with you. This is where you may want to spend a little money to create a very high-quality video that will serve as your welcome and introduction to your website visitors for potentially years to come. Since shorter videos tend to hold a viewer's attention better, you may want to consider having a separate video for each agent on your team, as well as a short one focusing on the team as a whole.

Listing Videos: Professional photography for your listings is a must these days, but buyers are looking for more. They want to be able to virtually walk through a property online before committing to a showing. Many photographers will offer video walk-throughs as part of their package, but it can also be shot with a smartphone or tablet, as long as it is not too shaky. In the end, buyers are more concerned with seeing the property than they are about the quality of the video.

Neighborhood Tours: Every agent wants to be THE agent for their neighborhood. What better way to brand yourself as the neighborhood expert than to provide informational video tours of the different neighborhoods in your community. Prospective buyers coming from out of town will be happy to learn more about the area, and local clients will enjoy seeing their neighborhood featured on your site. Since these videos will likely remain on your site for a long time, you may want to consider having them professionally shot and edited.

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