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 Emily Zampardi  |    September 15, 2016
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As more and more¬†REALTORS¬ģ utilize professional photography for their listings, the need for agents to actually go out to take their own property photos is decreasing. However, few agents can justify hiring a professional for every single one of their listings, which means the average¬†REALTOR¬ģ still needs to be able to take attractive, high-quality photos. And since most of today's buyers are looking online, where they are inundated with professional property photos shot with high-end equipment, the standard smartphone pictures are not going to cut it anymore.

Want to make sure your listing photos and videos can stand up to ‚ÄĒ or even stand out from ‚ÄĒ the competition and make an impression on potential buyers without having to invest in expensive camera equipment or hire a professional? A simple wide angle lens attachment for your smartphone might be the perfect solution. Here are¬†two options that offer both quality and value. Both are lightweight and easy to carry with you, and will dramatically improve the quality of your photos.

AUKEY Ora 2-in-1 Lens Kit

  • Kit includes a 140¬į wide angle lens and a 10X macro lens.
  • Macro lens lets you capture amazing close-up detail.
  • Wide angle lens increases your field of view to capture more in the shot.
  • Aluminum alloy and multi-element coated glass minimizes ghosting, reflections, lens flare and other artifacts.
  • Compatible with any movie device. The soft rubber detachable clip adjusts easily and will not scratch or damage your device.
  • Retails for $25¬†on Amazon.¬†

Amir 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

  • Advanced lanthanide optical glass and top-grade aluminum construction provide enhanced durability.
  • Minimizes lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts.
  • Kit includes a 0.6X super wide angle lens and a 15X macro lens.
  • Wide angle lens will open up your shot range to include a wider angle with ultra-low distortion.
  • Macro lens will capture greater detail at extremely close distances.
  • Very convenient and simple design.
  • Aluminum alloy black details offer a more professional appearance.
  • Easily attaches to all popular brands and models of smartphones and tablets.
  • Retails for $29 on Amazon.
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