Chairman's Corner: What an Unbelievable Year!

 Jean Stefaniak  |    September 09, 2019
Chairmans Corner

This past year, we have been able to continue our path to professionalism within our industry. We continue to fine-tune our high level of expertise that buyers, sellers and members expect. We continue to plan for better technology for our members in the near future. 

The next generation of leaders on our board of directors is absolutely committed to our industry. A sincere “thank you” goes to these leaders for the selfless commitment they make to help all of us do better every day. 

REALTORS® are amazing community members. We are independent business leaders who volunteer countless hours to create stable foundations of our communities. Homeownership is still part of the American Dream. We know homeownership makes good communities, and good communities equal a quality of life we ALL deserve.

REALTORS® are masters of relationship-building. We are a class of hardworking people. We are stronger when we work together as one voice.

A very intelligent man once told me, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” I’m not only lucky; I’m grateful. 

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to give back to our industry, and I am truly grateful for the places this opportunity has taken me and the people I have met along the way. Life is a journey — not a destination. I have embraced this extraordinary year and value the relationships I’ve made.

Thank you, all past WRA chairmen, for your shared talents. Thank you to our past 2017-18 chairman, Peter Sveum, for your sincere friendship. Thank you to our incoming 2019-20 chairman, Steve Beers, for your experience and guidance. Thank you, Mary Duff, our 2019-20 chair-elect, for your fresh look and continued support. And thank you Brad Lois, our new 2019-20 treasurer, for your enthusiastic perspective and continued commitment.

Finally, thank you to the WRA staff.

When you place others’ needs before your own, good things always happen.

Let your light shine before others.

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