The Wisconsin REALTORS® Foundation (WRF) is focused on helping children in need. 

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Foundation (WRF) is focused on helping children in need. As part of the "Make it Better — Helping Wisconsin Children in Need" initiative, the WRF has identified four areas of interest in which to provide help to Wisconsin children in need: 

  • Education.
  • Hunger.
  • Homelessness/abuse.
  • Serious illness.

The WRF is committed to helping these children in the towns, villages and cities in which they live. A local REALTOR® has identified your organization as one helping children in the local community.

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"Make it Better" Initiative

What is the focus of the "Make it Better" initiative? 
Based on member input and extensive research, the WRF will focus its first major effort on helping children in need. This initiative, branded as “Make it Better — Helping Wisconsin Children in Need,” strives to provide help in four areas: including: education, hunger, homelessness/abuse, and serious illness.

How will the "Make it Better" initiative determine which children to help? 
The WRF will request WRA members to identify and nominate organizations in their local communities that have a proven track record for helping children in need in one of the four areas identified above. The WRF will certify those qualified organizations for further consideration based on program performance. The WRF board will select finalists from those organizations determined to be qualified. 

How will the "Make it Better" initiative help children in need? 
The WRF will make available up to $50,000 to match locally raised funds up to $2,500 for each of the organizations selected by the WRF board as finalists. If more funds are available, the WRF board may give additional grants to one or more of the finalist organizations or designate additional organizations as finalists.

What should local REALTORS® do to support the "Make it Better" initiative? 

1.Identify organizations in your area that are doing good work for children in need in the areas of education, hunger, homeless/abuse and/or serious illness.
2. Nominate one of more of the organizations you think might qualify for "Make it Better" support and for which you think you and your fellow REALTORS® could raise local funding. Note: The WRF funds are designated as matching funds and will only be dispersed to match locally raised funds of up to $2,500 per finalist organization.
3. If an organization in your area is designated as a finalist, help raise local funding to trigger the WRF grant. Note: Ask local donors to make checks out to the WRF. The WRF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation. Donor contributions will be matched as stipulated and acknowledged in writing.
4. Help us spread the word.

How do I start making it better right now?

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