Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is the automatic association that emerges instantly in our unconscious brains regarding groups and identities like race, sex, age or religion.

If we are not honest with ourselves first, we will never be able to address the broader societal issues associated with discrimination. With honesty and self-reflection, we can learn to combat implicit bias in real estate and beyond.

Implicit bias campaign

Launched in the February 2022 Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine, this campaign highlights a simple image of one individual with three arbitrary nouns as descriptions of the individual. However, the last noun for the entire campaign is always “homeowner.” The campaign images may be the faces of your prospective clients, customers, buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, investors, lenders, title agents, attorneys, members of your community or your fellow REALTORS®.  

Implicit bias ad 1
A father? A teacher? A homeowner?

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Implicit bias ad 2
A grandfather? A banker? A homeowner?
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Implicit bias ad 3
Parents? Entrepreneurs? Homeowners?
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Implicit bias ad 4
A friend? A professor? A homeowner?
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Implicit bias ad 5
A sibling? A lawyer? A homeowner?
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Implicit bias ad 6
A brother? An athlete? A homeowner?
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Implicit bias ad 7
A mother? A doctor? A homeowner?
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Implicit bias ad 8
An aunt? An engineer? A homeowner?
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    Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing

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