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TaxBot Member Benefit

Track your expenses the easy way with Taxbot's expense-tracking system designed to save you money. CPA, tax attorney and former IRS trainer Sandy Botkin developed Taxbot with REALTORS® in mind. Regardless of how much you make, Taxbot can help you keep more of what you earn.

 As a WRA member, you'll receive these Taxbot premium features at no extra charge: 

  • Mileage tracking: Track your mileage with the Taxbot-integrated GPS system on your smartphone. 
  • Photo receipts: Take pictures of your receipts using your smartphone so you can be tax-compliant for your business deductions.
  • Cloud storage: Your records and receipts are stored in the cloud.
  • Bank/credit card integration: Taxbot will search for deductions you might be missing.
  • Training library: Access short videos so you can learn strategies for lowering your taxes by thousands of dollars a year.

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Upcoming webinar

"$10,000 in 10 Minutes"  I  November 19, 2020  I  12:00 p.m. CST

If you want to learn how Taxbot could save you $10,000 on your next tax bill, be sure to attend the very special webinar. The webinar is 100% free.

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