WRA Offers Members Free Tech Helpline Starting April 2017

 Rob Uhrina  |    March 30, 2017

Technology is a high-growth, explosive and rapidly changing industry — and it affects your real estate practice every day. Keeping up with the latest devices and how to troubleshoot them can be complicated and costly, not to mention time-consuming. Today, more than ever, consumers demand real estate agents to be fluent in technology. However, even the best agents can be plagued by a technology issue.

Starting April 2017, the WRA now offers free access to the WRA Tech Helpline as part of your membership. This technical support helpline can assist you with computer-related issues in your office, including support on PCs, Macs, tablet machines, smartphones and more. The service is free and is part of your WRA membership. 

This new benefit provides you with on-demand access to computer support professionals for quicker, less frustrating resolutions to your technology problems. Not only does the helpline keep your office running more smoothly, but it also minimizes downtime, saves in computer maintenance costs, provides greater business confidence, and ultimately, gives you more time to stay focused on transactions and less time troubleshooting technical issues.
Try the service today! One or two phone calls to the WRA Tech Helpline could help pay for membership in itself. 

How does the WRA Tech Helpline work?

To access the helpline, contact the helpline via phone, email or chat, and provide your WRA member identification number, and a technical support analyst will be available for assistance. For larger-scale issues, analysts can also connect to your computer via remote software to diagnose and repair problems. Some cases may involve further research or a call back.

When can I call the helpline?

WRA Tech Helpline support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time, except for certain state, federal or local holidays. These include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Christmas Day.

Can an assistant call the helpline on my behalf?

Yes. Assistants and internal office staff can contact the helpline on a member’s behalf. They will, however, be required to provide a WRA member identification number.

Is there a restriction on the number of calls I can make or call length?

There are no limits on the number of calls a member can make or the length of a call.

Can I address multiple issues in one call?

Yes. A member may raise more than one issue during a single phone call, email or chat.

What is the average wait time when calling the helpline?

The average wait time to obtain live support as of April 2017 is one minute, 23 seconds.

How many support technicians are available on the helpline?

The helpline currently offers 23 support technicians, trained in all areas of technology, to help troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. A call escalation center is also available.

Is the helpline service bilingual?

The helpline supports both English- and Spanish-speaking callers.

What kinds of technical issues are supported?

  • Advice on installing and configuring hardware and software.
  • Diagnosis and repair of computer hardware and software issues.
  • Advice for purchasing hardware, software and digital equipment.
  • Basic instruction with major software applications.
  • Recommendations for upgrades and updates.
  • Support on smartphones and tablet machines. 
  • Advice for performance optimization.
  • Local area networks and connectivity issues.
  • Virus removal and protection.
  • Email assistance and Internet issues.
  • Data recovery services.
  • Network, diagnostics and repair.
  • Spyware removal.
  • Performance optimization of existing equipment. 

What are the supported devices, and where can I find a complete list of what the helpline supports?

Supported devices include PCs, MAC workstations, smartphones, tablet machines, monitors, networking products, printers, software, peripherals and more. 

For a complete list of computer support issues, visit www.techhelpline.com/computer-support.

My company has an internal helpdesk already, so how does this service benefit me?

The WRA Tech Helpline serves to complement your existing helpdesk. A firm with an existing helpdesk could use the new helpline to offset its workload internally; individuals could use the service if their support team is busy resolving other issues. Further, the hours of the helpline will often extend past normal business hours so that if a company does not have support available after hours, a backup solution is available. 

What kinds of technical issues are not supported? 

Excluded services include:

  • MLS redirect calls for MLS-specific questions, including login information, how to use the MLS, or problems with MLS software or the MLS website. 
  • Network administration. 
  • Hardware maintenance and repair.
  • Design or development. 
  • Programming services that can be categorized as “project related” such as office-wide installations or infrastructure upgrades.
  • On-site or desk-site support services of any kind.
  • Staff training.

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Rob Uhrina is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the WRA.
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