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Fall into Giving

November 15-December 3

Don‚Äôt miss the WRF's "Fall into Giving" fall fundraising campaign beginning November 15. During Fall into Giving, the WRF will double-match all donations of $25 or more. That‚Äôs right: When you donate $25 between November 15-December 3, the WRF will not only match your donation ‚ÄĒ we‚Äôll double-match it! That means your single donation of $25 turns into a $75 donation to Feeding Wisconsin. The WRF will match $2 for every $1 donated until we reach $20,000. Every single dollar donated will go to Feeding Wisconsin to help families keep food on the table throughout the holiday season.

Want to donate more? We will match that too! While your $1 donation normally provides 3 meals, your $1 Fall into Giving donation is even bigger: your $1 donation during Fall into Giving provides 9 meals to help Wisconsin children. See how big your impact can be when we match:

  • Your $25 donates 225 meals
  • Your $50 donates 450 meals
  • Your $75 donates 675 meals
  • Your $100 donates 900 meals

Donate and make a REAL difference.


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Wisconsin REALTORS¬ģ Foundation
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Phone: 608-241‚Äď2047 or 800-279‚Äď1972
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The Wisconsin REALTORS¬ģ Foundation is defined as a public charity under IRC Section 501(c) (3). As a public charity, the Wisconsin REALTORS¬ģ Foundation may accept tax deductible contributions. In order to qualify as a publicly supported organization, a third or more of the foundation‚Äôs total financial support must come from government agencies, contributions from the general public and contributions or grants from public charities.

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