Sales Exam Information

Exam overview

Reviewed and approved by Wisconsin real estate professionals, the sales exam consists of 140 questions covering laws, regulations and practices of real estate in Wisconsin. This computer-based exam has no limit for the number of times you may take the exam, however you are required to pay the exam fee each time.

At the conclusion of the test, you’ll be notified whether you passed or failed. Upon passing, submit your application to the DSPS. The application can be submitted online through the DSPS Online Licensure Application System (OLAS), or by mailing a printed copy of the application, including proof of completed education or credentials. If you did not pass, you’ll receive an application to take the exam again.

Exam requirements

You must satisfy one of the following requirements before taking the exam:

  • Show proof of completion of the required, DSPS-approved instruction.
  • Show proof of 10 semester-hour credits in real estate or real estate-related law courses at an accredited institution of higher education (Note: Applicants are advised to submit transcripts to the DSPS for approval of credit courses prior to applying for examination.)
  • Show proof of being licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.

Register for the exam

Licensing exams are $65 and are conducted by Pearson VUE Examination Services. Visit for exam information. Testing center locations are subject to change. The candidate handbook will also provide you with additional information on preparing for the exam.

Test locations

The exam is convenient and available wherever you are:

  • Wisconsin: Brookfield/Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Wausau
  • Minnesota: Eagan, Hermantown/Duluth, St. Paul
  • Illinois: Chicago

Contact Pearson Vue.

See the Out-of-State Licensees section if you’re interested in obtaining a Wisconsin license and do not live in the state.

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