Wisconsin Real Estate License Requirements

Sales license (pre-license)

Wisconsin real estate licenses for salespersons are issued by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). Steps for receiving your license are:

  1. Complete 72 hours of required real estate pre-license education.
  2. Pass the state exam.
  3. Submit application to the DSPS. New applicants can apply by going online through the DSPS Online Licensure Application System (OLAS), which reduces the processing time, or by mailing a printed copy of the application, including proof of completed education or credentials. Such proof is available in myEducation history after successfully completing the WRA’s sales pre-license course.

 Learn more about obtaining your Wisconsin real estate sales license.

Broker license (pre-license)

The DSPS requires you to complete the broker education training, provide evidence that you hold a real estate salesperson license for at least two years within the last four preceding years under the direct supervision of a licensed broker and fulfill the salesperson experience requirements. Steps for receiving your license are: 

  1. Complete the DSPS education requirements
  2. Pass the broker licensing exam. 
  3. Submit application to the DSPS. New applicants can apply by going online through the DSPS Online Licensure Application System (OLAS), which reduces the processing time, or by mailing a printed copy of the application, including proof of completed education and fulfilling the salesperson experience requirements

 The WRA offers all the instruction and resources you need to become a real estate broker in Wisconsin. Learn more about obtaining your Wisconsin real estate broker license. 

Sales and broker license renewal (CE) 

The DSPS requires all real estate licensees (sales or broker) to complete 18 hours of CE during each two-year licensing period (biennium) in order to renew their license. However, one individual will be exempt: a salesperson who received their initial license after October 1 of the even year of the biennium will not be required to complete CE for that biennium. There is no exemption for broker licensees.

Renewal requires completing four mandatory courses (three hours each) and two elective courses (three hours each) included in the current biennium's curriculum, and passing the exams for each class. The WRA offers residential and commercial real estate continuing education classes on a regular basis, and these classes are approved and satisfy the DSPS continuing education requirement. 

Persons wishing to renew their license will be required by the DSPS to provide the following as verification they have completed the required CE:

  • Course title.
  • Name of school or provider.
  • Course date.
  • Number of credit hours received for each course.

For license renewal, the DSPS does not require submission of the certificate of completion received upon passing the final exam. The DSPS performs random audits to verify completion of CE courses as submitted to the DSPS. If the DSPS discovers that a licensee falsified a renewal application, the licensee is subject to discipline and possible license revocation.

Those who do not successfully complete the 18 hours of continuing education may not renew their license or engage in real estate practice until the CE requirements are met. If a person does not renew his or her license, the license becomes inactive. Inactive licensees may not engage in real estate practice.

Licensees may remain inactive for up to five years without having to retake the pre-license course and pass the license examination to activate their license. During the five-year inactive period, licensees may activate their license by completing the CE requirements from the previous biennium, and paying the license renewal fees and late fee. Evidence of completion of the previous biennium's CE along with the appropriate renewal fee must be provided to the DSPS.

Licensees who take their CE through the WRA and are unable to locate certificates may print duplicate certificates at no charge by going to myWRA. The myWRA section provides agents with their WRA education history. Brokers can verify if agents have completed their CE on the myWRA section also. 

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Contact the DSPS

1400 E. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 8935 
Madison, WI 53708-8935
Website: www.dsps.wi.gov 
Email: web@dsps.state.wi.us
Phone: 608-266-0627
Outside of Madison, call toll-free: 877-617-1565

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