In September 2018 the WRF announced its multi-year partnership with up with Feeding Wisconsin to help feed hungry children throughout the state. Feeding Wisconsin is the statewide association of the Feeding America food banks that sources, warehouses and provides food to over 750 affiliated agencies and 1,000 local food programs throughout the state. Every year, the Feeding Wisconsin network of food banks, affiliated food pantries and meal programs provide almost 60 million meals to nearly 580,000 people statewide — nearly 33 percent of those meal recipients are children.

More than 182,000 Wisconsin children face hunger each day. That’s 1 in 6 Wisconsin children.

While hunger is harmful to everyone, it can be especially devastating to children because of its potential for long-term consequences. Good nutrition, particularly during the first three years of life, is important for establishing a solid foundation for a child to thrive in terms of future physical and mental health, academic achievement and economic productivity. Hunger threatens this critical development and, in turn, threatens a child’s opportunity to prosper in the future.

Households with children are at a greater risk because the greater household size increases budgetary constraints. Can you imagine choosing between paying your rent or feeding your child?

“REALTORS® are already known for being charitable and involved in their own communities individually. Collectively, we can do so much more for children in the state. Partnering with an organization like Feeding Wisconsin means we can reach children in every corner of the state. There are hungry children in every community, and there are REALTORS®, in every community who can help.” 

Mike Spranger, WRF Chairman

Wisconsin REALTORS® members and affiliates contributed 181,146 meals in 2018. But there’s over 182,000 Wisconsin children facing hunger each day – we have a long way to go before we can really help make a REAL Difference.

Upcoming Events 

Start teaming up! The Foundation will be promoting Wisconsin REALTORS® Team Up Against Hunger the week of June 3-7 and November 11-15, 2019.  Reach out to your network of REALTORS®, affiliates, clients, customers, family and friends to Team Up and volunteer at your local food bank or pantry.

Imagine how much good we can do with that many people uniting behind a common goal. With your help and that of your agents and staff, we can provide local food pantries the man power they need to make sure the food reaches those who need it most. To find a food bank or food pantry near you.

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